Build a Life, Not Someone Else’s Idea of a Life  

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Learning how to be flexible can contribute to higher rates of success.

Are you building your own version of your life?

When you focus only on one area of your life, you’re not allowing the other parts of your life to flourish. Consider the analogy of a person who goes to the gym every day, but only does push-ups – while the arms and chest of this individual will be strong, the legs, back, and abs will be weak.

Focus On All Aspects of Your LIfe

As you prepare for the remainder of 2016, plan for more than wild success in your work; plan for your relationships and other key aspects of your life. This may include a goal to travel, obtain new experiences, deepen your spirituality, focus on personal development, or anything else that may interest you. Make sure that these aspirations are yours. When you live someone else’s version of life, you’re not being true to yourself.

Be More of Your Best Self

It can feel challenging to put the real you out there and that you need a mask, but your real self is the one that people will truly resonate with. This best self is the most amazing form of who you are hiding behind all the schooling, big words, leadership training, adult behaviors that keep you in a small box. Your best self is not so serious and has a much better perspective than you usually allow and will always find a silver lining. This best self could likely be hiding deep inside you and craving to get out.

Stop Avoiding Problems

Further, stop avoiding problems; instead, embrace and seek them. The bigger the problems that you’re required to deal with, the more that you will experience personal growth in your ability to resolve problems and deal with disappointment. Try to adapt to bigger challenges this year than you would normally feel comfortable with.

Build Your Life Today.

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