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Do you have the energy it takes to make it through the day?

Do you have the energy it takes to make it through the day?

Are you having trouble waking up and getting energized in the morning? Is your morning coffee just not cutting it? If so, this very easy, 90-second trick may completely change your energy.

Why You May Not Have Energy

You probably start your day with a shower, thinking that this will not only get you clean, but wake you up as well. But did you know that taking a hot shower and then exposing your body to cool air can actually make you tired? This is because a sudden decrease in body temperature can lead to a more tranquil frame of mind, aka tiredness.

Make a 90-Second Change

Here is how you can change your shower routine to wake yourself up and rejuvenate your energy: place some table salt and magnesium salt in container near your shower, and apply it to your body to release stress energy. Be sure to start with your midsection, then the bottoms of your feet, then your face, and then your neck for optimal results.

The effect? Less stress energy, which is the primary energy type which holds you back and keeps you from having an optimal day.

Unlock Your Energy Today.

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