How to Improve Your Online Presence

Want to attract more clients?
Want to attract more clients?

Like it or not, many connections and networking opportunities are developing online. In fact, many independent contractors acquire some of their best clients through online platforms such as LinkedIn. This means that if your LinkedIn profile isn’t fantastic, you may be missing out on valuable connection opportunities. Here are some tips for sprucing it up—

Make Your Headline Catchier

Most people use their LinkedIn profile’s headline simply to put their job title, like “content editor,” or, “life coach.” While these may true, why not spice it up a bit by adding something else, too? Are you an expert on something? Have any special certifications? Particularly passionate about an area of your practice?

Tell Viewers About Yourself

Take the time to really develop the about/summary section on your profile. Don’t just simply write: “Engineer employed at xyz for x number of years…” Instead, really tell potential clients and others what you want them to know about you, detailing your work experience and specifics of what you did at each job or currently do now. The more you share, the more enticing you’ll be.

Link to Work of Yours

Finally, take advantage of the fact that LinkedIn allows you to highlight your own work – include links to different work that you’ve completed, whether a page of testimonials from clients, articles that you’ve written, art that you’ve done, etc.

Don’t stop with LinkedIn- use a variety of social media sites to connect with more potential customers!

Attract More Clients.


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