Leadership Strategies that Stink

Are you an effective leader?
Are you an effective leader?

While some leadership principles are evergreen, others become obsolete and require evolution for effectiveness over the years. The following reviews some leadership strategies that you may be using – and have been for years – that may no longer work:

Ruling with Rules

Rules are made to be broken. But really – if you have strict rules for your employees or team members and do not offer any flexibility within those rules, you are not leading nearly as effectively as you could be. Rules stifle creativity and in the worst of cases can create resentment.

You Reward and Punish as You See Fit

The idea that you should motivate your employees with rewards and remove incentives when they fail to do their job is outdated and in a way, kind of offensive. Put yourself on an even playing field with your employees rather than judging them from above. Remember, you job is to lead and organize, not criticize and control.

Thinking That You Are Better

There is an idea in many traditional business settings that leadership works like a hierarchy and therefore managers are better than everyone else. Think what you will but you wouldn’t be where you are without your brilliant team. Bring yourself back down to earth and remember that being in a higher management position does not make you a higher caliber of human.

Become the Most Effective Leader.


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