Should You Quit Your Job if You Don’t Have a Plan?


quitting your job
Quitting a job when the future is unknown isn’t always a bad thing.

Knowing when is the right time to quit your job (that you very much dislike) to pursue something else that you’re passionate about is difficult, particularly if you do not have another job or a feasible plan lined up. But you should quit your job regardless, even if the future is unknown? In some circumstances, the answer may be yes.

Your Health Is Suffering

If staying at your current job is taking a toll on your health – you cannot sleep, you are stressed beyond belief, you’ve lost or gained weight, your hair is falling out, etc. – then yes, you should think seriously about quitting. The health of your mind and body should always be a top priority.

You Need Time to Deload

It is not uncommon to be very ready to quit a new job, but not ready to start another because you need some decompression time. In fact, your current job may be so oppressive that even thinking about a new job is too exhausting. If this is the case, taking some time to yourself before going on the hunt for new possibilities may be advised.

Get a Plan


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