The Problem with Multitasking  

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What do you need to do to improve your ability to focus?

What do you need to do to improve your ability to focus?

Many people who believe themselves to be talented multitaskers take pride in this fact, boasting that they can competently manage a handful of things at once. However, while multitasking can sometimes not be avoided – busy people often have no choice but to do more than one things at once – you should be aware of its disadvantages.

The Downsides of Multitasking

Some of the downsides of multitasking include:

  • Wasted productivity – When you multitask, you’re really just wasting productivity. You can be more efficient by devoting your full attention to one thing at a time.


  • Higher risk for errors – Multitasking increases your risk of making preventable errors in whatever you’re doing. This is especially true when handling more than two tasks simultaneously, according to a French study.


  • It’s bad for your brain – Some studies suggest that multitasking may actually be harmful for the brain, resulting in a greater risk of short term memory loss.


Clearly, the downsides of multitasking are many, and the list above is not inclusive. While we understand that not multitasking can be hard to do, especially if you’re an especially busy person, try to focus on one thing at a time as much as possible.

Improve Your Focus.

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