Why a Traditional Work Schedule May Not Mesh With Your Energy

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Is a 40 hour week the problem?

Is a 40 hour week the problem?

Your boss insists that you show up at 9:00 a.m. and are at the office until 5:00 p.m. Or, maybe you work for yourself, but insist on the same (or even more hours). But this archaic schedule may explain your waning energy and productivity levels – sitting at work for 40 hours a week doesn’t work for everyone.

Restructuring Your Day

(Nearly) all would agree that productivity – and your output – is far more important that the number of hours you put in in a day. And so maybe you should think about restructuring; to be sure, a recent study shows that those who take longer breaks during the day are more productive than those who work the longest hours.

Your Brain Needs a Break

There is more behind wanting a break than simply wanting to get away from work; your brain needs a break. In fact, think about exercising your brain the same way you would exercise your body using high intensity interval training – your brain works best in short bursts of work followed by periods of low energy. Giving your brain the break its needs will not only aid in productivity, but also help you to handle stress, distractions, and frustrations, too.

Get a Handle on Your Workday.


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