3 Ways To Be More Unique, Happy & Productive

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What type of impression do you make on others?

Do you want to increase your happiness and energy?

Everyone wants to be creative, unique, happy, productive, well-liked, and a dozen other things. But these things take work, and an acknowledgement that may be the status quo – and always doing what others expect – isn’t for you. Here are a three ways that you can be more unique, happy, and productive:

1. Take a Good Hard Look at Yourself

Start by taking a good, hard look at yourself, what makes you happy and what you want from life. Chances are it will be very different from the life you’re living, and the life that others are encouraging you to live. Until you can recognize what you really want, you will be unable to be happy, productive, or unique; no one wants to be a carbon copy of someone else!

2. Start Taking Risks

The happiest amongst us aren’t those who played it safe their whole lives, but those who weren’t afraid to dream big and take risks. If you aren’t willing to take risks, you may always have regrets about what you could have don’t but didn’t.

3. Take a Step Back

Before rushing into anything – whether a new job or what you’re having for lunch that day – take a step back to think about your decision. Does your decision have meaning? Is it unique to you? Does it satisfy you? If not, why are you doing it? With everything you do, be mindful. This will make others notice you, and will restore your energy.



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