Quickest Way to Get Beyond Frustrations?

You have the power to overcome your frustrations.
You have the power to overcome your frustrations.

We all have things that are frustrating to us. Perhaps it’s the way your partner loads the dishes or perhaps it’s the fact that despite months of hard work, you still haven’t perfected your art piece.

What Frustrates You?

First, take a look at the things that most frustrate you. Are the majority of these things within your control, or are they things that other people do? For example, are you upset because your boss talks down to you? Or are you frustrated because your dance classes aren’t turning out the way you hoped (i.e. you just can’t master the salsa)?

Remember, you do not have control over other people. Learning to accept this may be the best thing you’ll ever do.

Overcoming Your Internal Frustrations

If your frustrations are directed at yourself for your own ‘shortcomings’ or, likely in your words, your ‘failures,’ stop and think for a minute why is your inability to do something frustrating? Further, what can you do to overcome that frustration or/and improve upon the skill that you’re hoping to master or behavior trait you want to embody?

Take your power back; then you’ll overcome your frustrations.

Overcome Your Frustrations.


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