Harnessing The Power Of Noting While Practicing Mindfulness

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Irrespective of how long you have been meditating, any practice of mindfulness is bound to face distractions. Those with experience learn to acknowledge the distractions and let them go. Noting these distractions, acknowledging them and then moving on without being pulled into distracting thoughts brings you back into focus.

It is tempting to think that meditation experts and coaches have an evolved sense of concentration. However, we all struggle to stay in control of our emotions, to be completely non-judgmental and always be present.

Every journey of mindfulness is full of unexpected thoughts, feelings and discomfort. We all struggle with the self-talk that rises to the surface at unexpected times.

Note distracting thoughts and let them gently float away

How To Use ‘Noting’ To Stay Focused On Your Mindfulness Practice

Imagine a thought arises in your mind…

Acknowledge the presence of the thought and instead of engaging in exploring that thought, simply picture touching it with a light feather and watch it drift away. Now, return to your mindfulness practice.

Sometimes, the inner voice that keeps popping up with a thought is pointing to an area that requires your attention. Learn to heed that voice and you will discover that the inner chatter is actually useful. But, after making a note of it and deciding on an action plan, let that thought drift and return to your focus.

When you use noting to acknowledge these distractions, you can quickly move on to maintain a space focused on your growth. A greater focus in your mindfulness practice makes you less reactive and more responsive during the day.

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