The Power of Forgiveness – Concluding the Series  

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Are you ready to forgive?

Are you ready to forgive?

Over this four-part series, we have discussed the power of forgiveness in brief, as well as the steps to giving forgiveness to those in your life who have wronged you. Now, in this final post, we will still walk about exactly why forgiveness is so powerful.

The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness gives you a unique power and energy. When you forgive, you unburden yourself from negative emotions that are holding you back, and you release yourself from the chains of the past. But more than this, forgiveness actually has an effect on your brain, too; forgiveness increases the presence of alpha waves.

What Are Alpha Brain Waves?

Alpha brain waves are released during relaxation, and are common during activities like yoga and meditation. Nothing releases more alpha waves than forgiveness, though. Alpha brain waves are associated with increases in creativity, and are also considered the healthiest and the safest of brain waves. Finally, alpha brain waves are linked to problem solving abilities, calming and centered emotions, reduced anxiety, and even enhanced athletic performance.

Learn to Forgive.

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