The Power of Forgiveness – Part III  


Do you have the power within you to forgive others?
Do you have the power within you to forgive others?

At this part along the journey to forgiveness, you have visualized your hurt and anger, pictured the people who have hurt you, and entered the ‘forgive into love’ phase. During the forgive into love phase, you were asked to feel compassion towards those who had wronged you, to forgive without asking for an apology and to experience empathy or understanding for the reasons that the person who harmed you acted in the way that they did. Now what?

Differentiate Between Forgiveness and Letting Go

The author of the blog about forgiveness (on which this blog series is based) encourages readers to make a distinction between forgiveness and letting go. Forgiveness does not mean that you have to rekindle a relationship or friendship, to drop criminal charges against someone or to simply let the matter go without discussing it without the involved person. Remember, this is about forgiveness into love; many acts, especially criminal acts, need to be addressed.

Why Forgiveness Is So Powerful

In the final blog on this topic, we will discuss why precisely forgives is so powerful and why the power of forgiveness is one you should harness starting today.

Do you have the power to forgive?


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