What’s More Important – Work or Play?  

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Are you playing enough?

Are you playing enough?

Remember when you were a kid and your days were surrounded with running around and make believe? What happened to those days? For most of us, at some point along the road from childhood to adulthood, those days are lost. However, play is extremely important for both mental and physical health.

The Benefits of Play

Play is an essential source of stimulation and relaxation for adults as well as children. In fact, play may be beneficial for:

  • Relieving stress;
  • Improving energy;
  • Building relationships (with whomever it is you are playing, i.e. kids, a pet, spouse, friends, etc.);
  • Improving brain function; and
  • Stimulating your mind.

The Importance of a Work-Play Balance

You may be looking at the list above and thinking: I want all of that! However, if work is your number one priority and you don’t take time to play, you won’t. Right now is your opportunity to rethink your work-play balance, and devise a plan for how you can incorporate more of the latter. And do not just encourage play amongst yourself; remember that play for your children is an essential part of their wellbeing too. Studies show that a decrease in playtime puts children at a higher risk for anxiety, depression, and self-control problems.

Remember that energy moves when you have a playful attitude and are doing more things in the realm of play.

Get Your Priorities Straight.

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