Why Procrastination is Better for Your Business

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Are you procrastinating tasks you need to do?

Are you procrastinating tasks you need to do?

Are you prone to procrastination? Do you feel guilty every time that you do procrastinate, convinced that you’re lazy and falling behind? While productivity certainly has its time and place, procrastination may also be good for you.

The Value of Delaying

Wait: The Art and Science of Delay, written by Frank Partnoy, claims that when people have to make decisions, they should do two things: first, they want to (due date) assess how long they have to make the decision, then, they should wait until the last possible moment to actually make it. This is because human beings are happier and have higher rates of success when they learn how to manage procrastination. See the article written in Smithsonian Mag to learn more.

Two Types of Procrastination

WARNING, don’t think that sitting around on the couch doing nothing is okay.

There are two types of procrastination – active and passive. The first, active procrastination, type occurs when you are deliberately procrastinating because you are doing something more productive instead. Passive procrastination is the opposite; when you are not doing anything just because you are being lazy.

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