3 Benefits of Volunteering  


Volunteering your time can help you to grow.
Volunteering your time can help you to grow.

As a volunteer, you’ll likely experience a high level of personal satisfaction. But in addition to that feel-good feeling, here are three benefits of volunteering that you shouldn’t overlook:

  1. Health Benefits

NationalService.gov cites the growing body of research that indicates that in addition to making you feel good emotionally and socially, volunteering actually improves your health. To be sure, those who volunteer have lower mortality rates, as well as lower rates of depression.

  1. Skill Development

When you are volunteering – even if your volunteer work is focused on the skill development of others – you are developing new skills. Whether you are a teacher, a cleaner or something else entirely, you will need to learn how to manage your time, explain things simply, work with others, follow directions and more.

  1. Building Friendships

When you volunteer, there is a good chance that you will find like-minded individuals who care about many of the same issues that you do. This can help you to create meaningful and lasting friendships that transcend traditional connections.

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