Beating Noise Pollution – How to Cope When A Lot Is Going On  

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You can escape noise pollution and regain focus.

You can escape noise pollution and regain focus.

Unless you have a quiet private office space to yourself, there is a good chance that you have to cope with a lot of noise on a daily basis. This may include noise from co-workers, folks in a coffee shop, or kids at home, all of which can prevent you from being able to focus and work. Here are some tips for beating noise pollution and refocusing:

Buy Noise Cancelling Headphones or Use Earplugs

One way to really get in the groove and get out of the noise is simply to block it out by using noise cancelling headphones or earplugs.

Remove Yourself from Noisy Situations

While it is not always possible, if you are able to remove yourself from a noisy situation, you should do so. This is especially true when you are working on something particularly important or sensitive.


Sometimes, practicing deep breathing exercises is one of the best ways to regain focus and clarity. Close your eyes and inhale for a count of three, and exhale in the same manner. Repeat five times – do you feel better?

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