How to Control Yourself When Confronted with Anger

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Meeting anger with love.

When someone is confronting you and they are angry – whether they are yelling or simply using their words to express their frustration – it can immediately put you on the defensive. Often times, the reaction is negative, with you becoming as angry as the other person, or even more so. However, fighting anger with anger is never a good idea. Instead, consider these tips for controlling yourself when confronted with anger–

Act How You Would Want to Be Treated

Following the golden rule when dealing with anger is key: treat others as you would want to be treated. Surely, if you were angry with another person, you would want that person to hear you out and treat you with kindness as you explained your position – shouldn’t you lend the same kindness to another? No one wants to be yelled at or made to feel bad, so don’t do this to another person.

Don’t Just Agree 

Don’t just agree with the yeller in an attempt to get them to settle down and move on – this will not only likely make them more mad, but it if does settle them down, they will certainly have expectations for you in the future. If you don’t agree to what they’re saying, don’t say so.

Take a Step Back

One of the best things that you can do when someone is mad at you is to explain to them that you hear them, and that you really care about them and what they’re saying, and need a second to process the information. Ask them if you can have some time to think, or suggest that you take 15 minutes apart to let things diffuse.

How do you deal with angry people?


Keep Control When Confronted With Anger

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