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Start Designing Your Ideal Future With These 3 Essential Steps

To design your future, you need to focus on describing what you want to change and what you want to achieve.

Most people have one or two areas of primary focus – the parts of their life they want to change the most.

It is essential to stick with one or two key points of change rather than trying to overhaul your entire life.

The foundation of designing your future starts with setting clarity in these key areas:


Create A Compelling Vision For Your Future

Create A Compelling Vision For Your Future

Who likes to be pushed around by deadlines, expectations and to-do lists? And yet, most people are stuck in this cycle – driven by money and accomplishments.

Rather than being forced to follow everyone else, you can choose to be pulled by the gravitational force of a compelling vision for your life. Imagine the force of water running downhill – let the gravity of a compelling vision pull you on your course.

When you have a compelling vision, your goals, actions, and outcomes gain more traction.



State The Desired Outcome and Goals

To design your ideal future, you need to clarify the outcomes and specific goals. In other words, what will happen? 

What are your goals and what is your desired state – it could be living a balanced life, fulfillment at work, recovery from illness, etc.

Next, specify a timeframe that you would like to achieve these results.

Finally, eliminate life-draining habits while being drawn towards the compelling vision you have set for your life.



Decide Who You Need To Be

In conclusion, if nothing changes… nothing changes.

Often, the creation of something new on the inside causes something new on the outside.

To achieve the desired future, you may need to change old habits, attitudes, limiting beliefs, and paradigms.

There’s no better time to start than NOW.




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