Famous for Making Bad Decisions? These Habits Could Be to Blame

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Do you tend to make bad decisions?

Making good decisions all of the time is difficult to do. It requires determination, a plan and strategy and a decisive personality in which you commit to a decision, rather than wavering back and forth between options. But did you know that the tendency to make bad decisions could also be rooted in some bad habits? Here are some factors that contribute to poor decision making, according to the Harvard Business Review: 

Being Lazy

Being lazy can lead to bad decision making because lazy people tend to fail to gather the input and information they need to make good decisions. Essentially, lazy people are sloppier in what they do and aren’t willing to go above and beyond to make good decisions.

Being Indecisive

Another thing that can lead to bad decision making is indecisiveness. This is because when a leader is indecisive, they often delay in making decisions. Sometimes that delay means a missed opportunity and therefore being forced into making a bad decision.

Being Isolated

Another bad habit that leads to poor decision making is isolation. When a person is isolated, they tend to make decisions on their own without turning to those around them for guidance or counsel. When those with relevant knowledge and experience are advised, however, more effective decisions are made.

What habits would you add to this list? Do you think that you typically make good or bad decisions?


Start Making Better Decisions

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