How to Be Happy for Happy People

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What can you do to foster positivity in your life?

Are you happy for others?

You know those people that are always grinning from ear-to-ear, and just seem so dang happy? It can be easy to feel resentful towards these people, especially when you are unhappy in your own life. However, wasting energy by being bothered by other people’s happiness is bad for your own psyche and happiness; instead, you should learn how to be happy for happy people.

Remember that There is No Limit on Happiness

First, remember that there is no limit on happiness; there is enough happiness to go around for everyone to have a piece of it – just because someone else is happy does not mean that you cannot be. Do not ever let someone else’s emotions, be it happiness or sadness, detract from your own state of being.

Stop Comparing Yourself

One reason why it can be hard to be happy for happy people is because we compare ourselves to others, noticing our own flaws and overlooking others’. Stop comparing yourself! Just because your friend has something great happening in their life does not mean that the things happening in yours are not worthwhile, too; they are equitable, but different.

Pursue Things that Make YOU Happy

Finally, start pursuing things that make you happy. When you spend energy pursuing your own passions rather than being upset by others’ emotions, you will restore your energy and put yourself on the path to success. Start this process today.


Achieve More Without Drama



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