How to Deal with Jealousy

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How do you manage your jealousy of others?

Jealousy is not a flattering trait nor a pleasant emotion to deal with. Yet it is one we have all experienced; jealousy is part of human nature. If you are suffering from jealousy, it is important to know that jealousy can have a very negative effect on your energy and state of mind and that learning how to cope with jealousy is important.

Recognize the Root of Your Jealousy

The first step to combating jealousy is to recognize its root. Are you really jealous that your co-worker got a promotion or are you upset with yourself for not working harder? It is smart to recognize jealousy and open the doors to resolving it.

Manage Your Emotions

You can’t always stop feeling how you feel when you want to; getting over jealousy can take time. However, you can manage your emotions, which requires mindfulness, concentration and effort. Be aware of how you are feeling and allow your body and your mind to embrace emotions. Then, breathe through them and don’t let their intensity engulf you.

Have Perspective

One of the best ways to resolve a whole host of negative emotions is to maintain perspective. Maybe you didn’t get the promotion you wanted but you probably do have many things that the person you’re jealous of does not. Remember that you cannot change what has happened. There is no point wasting energy on the past.

How do you cope with jealousy?

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