How Who You Surround Yourself with Affects You

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Are you spending time with people who lift you up?

Who you surround yourself with can have a major effect on your energy. In fact, the personality traits of those to whom we are closest often rub off on us, which means that we become a combination of those around us. This means that if you want to be the best version of yourself, it is important that you surround yourself with people with admirable characteristics. Further, you should avoid toxic people, including those people who–

Like to Say Bad Things About Others

A little gossip that is lighthearted and has no ill intent is OK; sharing stories is a natural thing. However, everyone knows someone who loves to say bad things about others. If you are spending your time with someone like this, it’s time to find a new friend. This negativity will quickly bring you down.

Are Passive Aggressive

Yesterday, we wrote about the downsides of being passive aggressive. These people will never say how they truly feel, and may manipulate you in order to get what they want.


Those who don’t tell the truth don’t know their true authentic selves. Spending too much time with people who are still figuring out what they want and who they are can be a drain on your own energy – it is best to associate with people who are confident in themselves.

What other types of people would you add to this list?


Who Are You Surrounding Yourself With?

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