No More Waiting Around for Compliments

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Take more time to compliment yourself.

Many people place a lot of self-value in the opinions of others, and as such, spend a lot of time waiting around for compliments, praise, and words of approval. While the opinions of others certainly can be important, the most important opinion of yourself comes from YOU. As such, it’s time to stop waiting around for compliments; you need to start giving yourself praise today.

Start Right Now

Each day, give yourself a little praise. You can do this by reminding yourself of your:

  • personality traits that you think are admirable;
  • behaviors that are notable; or
  • small and large achievements that you’ve made.

Stay Current

It is important that as you give yourself praise, you stay current. Sure, giving yourself praise for something that happened months or years ago may make you feel good, but your energy levels will remain highest when you focus on praising yourself for things that are relevant to you today.

Strengths Can Balance Weaknesses

If it is easier for you to focus on your weaknesses than it is on your strengths, remember that for every weakness you find in yourself, there is likely a strength that you have yet to discover. If you are feeling down or focusing your energy on your faults, do yourself a favor by dedicating time to thinking about your strengths.

Have a great Saturday and may it be filled with lots of positive energy!


Don’t Wait For Compliments

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