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The Power of Negative Thinking

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Being OK with negative emotions is beneficial for your health.

A recent article published in Scientific American challenges what many of us may think about emotions and health: negative thinking may be good for you. That’s right – the article claims that negative emotions are key to emotional well-being. 

Do You Try to Displace Negative Thoughts? 

As pointed out by the article’s author, most of us try to suppress our negative emotions. In fact, you may even associate shame, guilt, or self-disappointment with negative emotions, telling yourself to “get over it” and “stop being so negative” when something bad happens.

Why You Should Stop Feeling Guilty About Your Negativity

Postive emotions are important and there is nothing wrong with positive thinking. However, thinking that you should be positive all of the time can be bad for you; negative emotions are a part of life. In fact, without acknowledging negative emotions, you will have a more challenging time confronting the challenges of life, which are critical for self-growth. Negative or unpleasant emotions are just as important as positive ones when it comes to gaining perspective and understanding yourself.

What to Do When You Feel Negative

If you are experiencing a negative emotion, don’t shy away from it. Instead, practice mindfulness by becoming completely aware of it and really embracing that emotion. Acknowledging thoughts and feelings and accepting them can be beneficial. Try meditation for assistance.

How do you cope with negative feelings?

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