Riding the Roller Coaster of Life Without Getting Stuck

Learn how to ride life's rollercoaster without getting sick.
Learn how to ride life’s rollercoaster without getting sick.

Like it or not, change in life is inevitable. From the minor changes—like the new pieces of technology that are constantly being introduced—to the major ones, change happens.

Getting Used to Loving Change 

Internal vs. external changes are very different. If you think that change means moving a lot, that’s external and physical change. While these changes can be difficult, it’s the internal changes that are the most challenging to embrace. However, embracing and learning to love internal changes are essential.

Resisting Internal Changes

When you resist internal changes, failure is often the result. The first thing that will happen when the soul experiences resistance to inner changes is that money will get tight. Then, poor decisions will be made. Then, you’ll get unorganized. Eventually, the body will experience energy losses and get sick, too.

Riding the Roller Coaster

Now is your time to ride the roller coaster of the changes of life. Put your arms in the air and laugh. You might even want to scream and giggle. Allow the roller coaster, your energy, and your body to flow as one – you’ll be amazed at the new creativity you have. By embracing change, you’ll feel more inspiration and energy, leading to success. For more tips on personal and small businesses success, contact Sheevaun Moran for life coaching.


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