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The Spiritual and Physical Benefits of Fasting

Fasting can help you get in touch with yourself and has a number of physical benefits, too.

The act of fasting has significant spiritual and physical benefits and is something that–if you are healthy enough to do so–you should consider trying. Consider these major benefits:

Benefits for Your Brain

When you fast, your brain is one of the biggest beneficiaries. This is because when the brain is deprived of glucose, autophagy (repairing of structures within the brain) increases, ketones are produced and BDNF production levels (a protein linked to memory are learning) are increased. This explains why many people who fast experience periods of clarity and alertness.

Benefits for Your Body

Your brain isn’t the only thing that will thank you. Fasting has been linked to a number of benefits for the body, too, including weight loss, increased insulin sensitivity, blood sugar control for diabetics, reduced inflammation, lower risk of neurodegenerative diseases and even cancer prevention.

Spiritual and Psychological Benefits

Fasting, especially if you’re not already use to it, can be hard to do. For this reason, fasting is a spiritual and psychological challenge that, if done correctly, can be a huge accomplishment. When you are without food, you have a chance to connect with yourself in a different and unique way.

Please keep in mind that the above advice is not meant to replace any recommendation from a doctor and you should consult a physician before trying a fast.

Have you tried fasting? What were the results?


Benefits of Fasting


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