The Pillars of Happiness  

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Do you know the keys to happiness?

Do you know the keys to happiness?

Everyone wants to know the secret behind happiness (especially those that are most unhappy). However, even if you are happy, you may have a difficult time pinpointing exactly why that is or what the happiness stems from. Here are some clues to happiness (as revealed by a Harvard study):

1. Choosing to Be Happy with What You Do

It looks like you don’t have to be doing something earth shattering in order to be happy; rather, you just have to be satisfied with what you do. If you don’t like what you’re doing, you probably won’t be happy – make a change.

2. Strengthening Your Relationships

Another part of happiness is having a strong relationship with the people you’re closest to, usually children, parents, a spouse, siblings, or other immediate family and intimate friends. If you haven’t been prioritizing your relationships, you should do so.

3. Taking Care of Yourself

The third key to happiness is three-part: taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and financially. Too often, we focus on others, or only focus on one of the above areas (i.e. we take care of ourselves financially but forget about our physical health, or we sacrifice our mental health for our physical health). Make sure you have a solid balance.

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