I read a fantastic article by Derek Sivers who founded CDbaby (some of my audios are still up there). He shared that people keep asking him about what he’s up to these days.

I thought it was such a great idea that I’ve put one up as well:

  • Green smoothies
  • Juices daily
  • Bumper cars at Disneyland’s California Adventure and looking for more fun like that with the little ones in my life.
  • Writing daily
  • Reading books and articles about the latest technology
  • Traveling to speak and connect with thought leaders
  • Interviews on radio programs such as, Michael Neeley, Jeffrey Shaw of Creative Warriors and more.
  • Meditation and yoga and as of December 5th improving my splits
  • Teaching energy mastery
  • Interacting with my one on one clients
  • Creating new programs for my Innovator Circle so that they can impact the world in a more whole, authentic and futuristic way.
  • Sharing the inner workings of how money and energy play a significant role and delivering huge value for our Ignite Your Prosperity Program.
  • Creating some cool websites for my company and clients on ClickFunnels
  • Writing webinars
  • Getting everything tidied up since out Epic Life Wisdom Conference that we held in Los Angeles. Lots of video footage to review and share.
  • Walking on the beach and connecting with new and old friends
  • About to travel to Ecuador and some other exotic lands.
  • Helping our non-profit, Create a Bright Life, feed 100 people twice weekly.
  • We raised enough money at our Epic Life Wisdom Conference to feed 2600 meals and that should help a lot of folks take that next step.

All my efforts are designed to help other’s achieve their goal and get out of pain, limitation, hunger or thirst of food or knowledge.

This is my current update for December til January. If there’s something new and exciting I’ll share here. Just updated everything December 10 and so you’ve got a current picture.