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How To Lead A Team As A First-Time Manager

Managing a team for the first time can be a daunting experience irrespective of your experience. You need to coach, motivate, mediate, inspire, facilitate and negotiate while managing the team.

Supervising people can become overwhelming over time. As a new manager, you may face an onslaught of unfamiliar project obstacles and people issues.

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Win Over The People You Manage

Get to know the people in your team. Find out what motivates them and what are their strengths and areas of expertise. Learn about the organization from their experience.

Avoid micromanaging your team. Instead, allow team members time to adjust to your management style.

Be Explicit In Your Communication

How will your team respond if you are strict and your predecessor had a relaxed and easy-going attitude?

Talk with each employee individually and inform them about what you are expecting from them and why. Let them know that things are about to change. Ask them for their input but let them know that the firm’s leaders ultimately decide who runs which team.

What If You Have Friends And Peers In Your Team?

In your new role, you might have to manage friends and former peers. Managing former colleagues and friends is always complicated.

When you are promoted, expect your former peers to be unsettled by the news. Allow them a few days before expecting them to adjust to this new shift. Avoid scheduling your first meeting with your new team right away. When you meet, ensure that you communicate that they will continue doing their jobs as they have in the past.



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