EP 095: Stop Giving Your Energy Away

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Everyone Sheevaun here driving for your success and it’s been awhile. I miss doing my diving for your successes for you. I have a couple of things that I think would help you in your day in and day out journey of dealing with how life flows and how you can have more success. We just came away from a high. We just came away from doing two weeks of consecutive trainings, different types of trainings. One was for our energy mastery group and this is for people who really want to take this energy thing and totally master it. It’s four days in super intensive and it was amazing. Such an amazing transformation. You can see all of the shifts and then and then now our innovator circles champion champions, innovators circle champions. That was the next week. Oh my gosh. Now that’s how the business building strategies and tactics and sales processes and and dealing with all of the Wu and the movie La, the Oola Hung, getting them to blend together and the cool thing is that I did in this group was I had them all do some calls while we were there so we could really experience what the energy was like before, during, and after. 

Everyone had some rapid raging success successes. It was still awesome, but my point for today’s driving for your success video is how you get all cleaned up. Energetically, you’re feeling really good. Things are moving in your favor or you’re having some success. You Go, you feel disappointed, letdown, and you give your energy. Oh wait, somebody acidizing isn’t it? You just totally give all of that juice that you completely spent that time and talent and investment into sorting out for yourself. So what are you invite you to do is use our free kickstarter, a six video series and you know, start there. If you’re ready for more than a we have andrew come on our site and you can actually text us and we can get you going with a few other things after that, but the free kickstarter is so brilliant because it’s really a great six chunks, six nuggets that are going to get you to your next place, so start their free kickstarter.com. Hey, this is Sheevaun. I’m driving fear success. If you’re watching this anywhere other than on my website, go to SheevaunMoran.Com. S h e e v a u n m o r a n.com. Have an awesome day and see you soon.



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