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10 Things More Important Than Money

Are you putting money above other, more important, things?
Are you putting money above other, more important, things?

Sure, money is important, and many would argue that it dictates the way that many live their lives. But money isn’t everything, and there are dozens of things that are much, much more important than a big bank account.

Here are 10 things more important than money to remind you of what really matters in life:

  1. Romantic Relationships

Whether you choose to get married or not, having a romantic relationship is an important part of physical and mental health and should always be placed above money.

  1. Experiences

What you do in life defines you more than how much you have.

3. Physical Health

If you are sacrificing your physical health in order to make money, you need to rethink your priorities.

  1. Mental Health

Like physical health, money should never be placed above your mental health.

  1. Passions

Having passions and pursuing those passions will help you maintain high energy levels and happiness.

  1. Compassion

If you are a rich person but not a compassionate one, what are you offering the world?

  1. Gratitude

Remember where you came from and the people and things that helped you along the way – do you have gratitude?

  1. Spirituality

Spirituality is often confused with religion, but the two are very distinct. Spirituality extends to something deeper and greater, including self-perception and life purpose.

  1. Your Family

Outside of romantic relationships, relationships that you maintain with your family members should be a priority.

  1. Your Happiness

Perhaps happiness should be number one on the list, as it, above nearly anything else, is something that you should seek to achieve.

Align Your Money and Happiness


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