Abundance and the Unknown Loop: Rewiring Your Brain’s Amygdala  

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Imagine the power your brain is capable of.

Imagine the power your brain is capable of.

The amygdala is a part of the brain that’s located in the brain’s temporal lobe. The area controls the body’s fear and pleasure systems. While the amygdala is an evolutionary development meant to protect us, it essentially feeds on negative and bad news. As such, the amygdala is often reactively protective in ways that run counter to healthy development and success.

Rewiring Your Brain’s Amygdala

The amygdala of your brain needs to get rewritten with new code. If it could, the barrage of negative thoughts that your amygdala harbors could be overturned into true abundance. In fact, consider this:

At any given time throughout the day, the energy that you have at your disposal is 11 million kilowatts per pound. With the size of the brain, this roughly translated into $85 billion of energy.

Directing Wattage in a Positive Way

Knowing the above, try to imagine what kind of possibilities are possible if the wattage of your brain could be directed in a positive way to create your future?

As a success coach and mentor, making effective use of WATTAGE.

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