How to Earn More Clients or Customers

How are you earning your clients and support?
How are you earning your clients and support?

“Earning” is an interesting word to use when talking about clients or customers; in today’s world, most people feel as though they should simply get customers, or that they deserve customers. However, if you want to build meaningful relationships that will extend for life, you need to earn them. Here’s how:


Authenticity is critical to the business climate today, and earning a customer is deeply authentic. When you are authentic, you have a deep enough understanding of yourself and what you have to offer to be able to see your clients’ needs.


Self-awareness is a huge part of authenticity and it is also essential for earning customers and clients. While some people, like myself, will discover self-awareness early in life through significant losses or other eye-opening experiences, many people take years’ worth of time with many small life events unfolding to contribute to self-awareness.


Weights and measures are used by all societies. If you want to earn your clients, measure what works and be aware of what does not. Make peace with accepting measurements, even if the results aren’t exactly what you like or are looking for.

Earn More Clients. 


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