How Your Gut Affects Your Brain

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second brain

Your gut acts as a second brain, which is part of the reason that what you eat is so important.

Most people are shocked to discover that their body has a second brain: their gut. This “second brain” plays a huge role in the function of the body and the brain, actually producing more serotonin than the brain does. The brain in our gut plays a key role in everything from disease to mood. Which means that how you feed your gut could be affecting your health and your emotions.

What’s In Charge Of Your Gut’s Brain?

The brain in your gut is comprised of millions of microbiota. These bacteria interacts with neurotransmitters, create their own and have countless other important functions. When they are disturbed, the result can be a number of less-than-ideal consequences, ranging from irritable bowel syndrome to depression and more. Feeding the microbiota in the gut the right food is a critical part of helping them to flourish. Fermented foods, yogurt and probiotics are all great – toxic foods, like processed food and gluten, can harm these microbiota.

If you are struggling with a condition – especially one that is normally linked to the brain, like anxiety or depression – maybe you should consider your gut as the source of the problem. Clean eating may be able to remedy your ailment.

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