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Tips for Making More Money  

It's not always about spending less, but making more.
It’s not always about spending less, but making more.

The ‘spend less, save more’ idea is great, and works a majority of the time. But sometimes, there is simply not less to spend; it’s really a matter of learning how to make more.

Ask for a Raise

Getting more money might be as simple as a matter of just asking for it. Asking your boss what the process for getting a raise is is straightforward and shows initiative; don’t just sit around waiting for your boss to hand you more money.

Put Your Talents to Use

Another way to make more money is to pick up a side gig and put your talents to use. Do you happen to be great at running? Consider a side job as a running coach. Are you a wonderful pastry chef? Think about catering. Super crafty? Try selling some of your work to friends or family, or join a site like Etsy.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

You can also make a little extra cash by getting rid of things that you don’t need. Hold a garage sell and say goodbye to old items – not only will you make some cash, you’ll feel fresher, too.

Learn How to Generate More Money for Your Business.


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