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How To Make More Meaningful Connections With People

You can be surrounded by people and still feel isolated. Feelings of loneliness haunt half of Americans. This feeling of isolation is not a reflection of the number of people around you but the number of meaningful interactions you have with the people around you.

Here are some ways you can start having more meaningful connections with people around you:

Make Conversations With Strangers

We are often caught up in our own thoughts and fail to notice people around us. We learn to stop paying attention to strangers and wrap ourselves in our own thought bubbles.

Look up from your phone and say hello to a stranger. Smile. Notice something unique about the person in the train sitting across you? Why not let them know in a friendly way what you appreciate about them?

If you are comfortable giving compliments, people will be less shy receiving them. To build confidence, start small – make small talk at every opportunity you get. You will notice that it gets easier with time.

Protect your energy from negative people.

Take Stock Of Your Current Relationships

Are there relationships in your life that need more attention? How about those that need less attention? Do you have friends with dramatic lives who suck up your time and energy? Perhaps it’s time to let go of those connections and start building positive, life-affirming connections instead.

Use Social Media Connections Wisely

Like any tool, social media is useful if used with boundaries. Are you using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to build meaningful connections? Or are these tools stealing your attention that needs to be diverted to real relationships in your life?

We are after all pack animals. We thrive in communities.

Have you found your tribe?

Sheevaun Moran is a business advisor, master coach, quantum energy thought leader and the founder of Energetic Solutions. She uses business principles with energetic techniques to help more than 25,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders bring instant focus and shifts to clarity, purpose, and profits.



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