Two Characteristics Required To Build Meaningful Relationships

What is ‘success’ according to Warren Buffet?

“The definition of success is when the people you love, actually love you back.” – Warren Buffet.

That’s a strange description of the word success, from a man who was the second richest man in the world at one point.

A powerful indicator of this success lies in a person’s ability to communicate effectively.

Good communication skills result in meaningful relationships. And meaningful relationships are necessary for a successful life.

Meaningful communication comes from a place of growth.

Consider Other People’s Feelings Before Sharing Your Own

When you are having a great day, it’s best not to rub it in the face of someone who is having a terrible day.

Success in relationships depends on your ability to empathize with others. Do you feel their pain, are you available to listen to their worries? And are you fully present in the moment or are you distracted and waiting for a break in the conversation to bust out how great your day has been?

Can you demonstrate self-control and hold the good news to yourself?

Ignore And Avoid Responding To Criticism

When someone criticizes you, listen to them and ask for help to improve if required. When you ask questions and request help, it is difficult to get angry at someone who points out your flaws.

Meaningful relationships are shaped by those are not afraid to say “I’m sorry, please, and thank you.”

The quickest way to shut up someone who is criticizing you is to say thank you. Thank them for showing you what you could improve (if you choose to) and avoid justifying yourself.


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