3 Power Moves You Need to Build a Successful Coaching Business  

What could improve your coaching business?
What could improve your coaching business?

The business of coaching can be very lucrative. Whether as an athletic or weight-loss coach, performance coach, life coach, success coach, etc., there are a few key moves that you can make to build a successful coaching business and attract clients.

Become a Thought Leader

The very foundation of all of your success as a coach will begin with becoming a thought leader. A thought leader is not someone who merely parrots the ideas of others, but crafts their own new and innovative strategies for improvement. What makes your coaching different from competitors’?

Attract the Right Clients

Making money in coaching is impossible unless you are getting paid, which is why you need to attract the right clients. Depending upon your coaching type, you should either zero in on high-end clientele (e.g. the ones who have the big bucks to pay) or attracting a lot of clients, although this may be much more difficult if you do not have the time to manage all of your clients. For many, the first choice is preferable.

Make Your Practice Work for You

Once you have done the two things above, you will want to expand your coaching business while maintaining credibility. Forbes refers to this as “leveraging your practice,” and recommends: licensing your expertize, creating a broad array of products and extending your brand.

Build a Successful Coaching Business.


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