The Keep vs. Make: Where Do Your Values Lie?


Are you able to keep what you make?
Are you able to keep what you make?

There are the podcasts, shows, and articles that talk about different industries and how much this guy made or that guy made, and yet the real question is not yet answered. The real question is, how much did those guys get to keep?

The Long-Term Gain

It’s not about how big your toys are; it’s about not needing to brag about your toys at all that makes the difference in the long haul. If you make a million, I ask: how much did you get to keep? And, what did you have to sacrifice to keep it?

An Unhealthy Competition

Over the past several years, after I moved more into the transformational leadership side, I discovered I was teaching a LOT of entrepreneurs how to keep more. I realized that the greed model of “mine is bigger than yours,” put a lot of unnecessary pressure on the business owner or even the start-up.

If you get to keep 80 percent of what you make of $200,000 or you keep 20 percent of what you make of $1,000,000, there is not a huge difference in the long run.

Start thinking along the lines of keep versus make and ease versus hard work. Just one shift in your mindset could make all the difference in the world.

Start Keeping More Today.


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