8 ‘R’ Rules for Success, Happiness & Prosperity in the New Year

Are you ready for 2016?
Are you ready for 2016?

Are you thinking about how you can be a better you in 2016? Every year end I tear up the playbook and write a new one as if I’m just starting out for the first time. This allows me to accelerate more quickly than most small businesses.

At Energetic Solutions, Inc. we have eight ideas for improving your sense of self and your chances of success.

Let’s go:

  1. Reflection

Don’t just look in the mirror; instead, take a moment and reflect on what you plan to do this coming year.

  1. Radical

Get radical about all of the important things in your life and stick to them no matter what.

  1. Rules

Break the rules every once in a while – rules are meant to be broken and remade; this trend is seen in nature all of the time.

  1. Regulate

Prioritize the regulation of your emotions this year above all else.

  1. Rhapsody

Create a work of epic proportion or take massive action in 2016.

  1. Reach

Commit to reaching out this year to more folks, more leads, and more opportunities.

  1. Readjust

If you’re off course and have lost your way, take the time to get back on course before the way is lost.

  1. Run

Run towards your goals instead of just out the back door. (As a note, this is also the year you should start prioritizing exercise and your health – you’ll be amazed at the role they have in your success).

You have the ability to achieve more than you have yet experienced and sometimes focusing on these 8 R’s will give you a helping push upward. For a more experienced solution you ‘ll want a guide. Apply here to get on an exploratory call with Sheevaun today.

Ignite Your Dreams This Year.


For more of these articles, rule breakers, energetic solutions or concepts, for more ease and grace in your life or business, connect with me at http://sheevaunmoran.com. Grab my 5 Essential Energies for Success by texting the word “energy” to 949.214.4294 with your name. OR just reach out to me http://facebook.com/sheevaunmoran. Remember that energy is within you…let it shine today!



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