Are You a Worrier?

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Do you worry too much?

Do you worry too much?

Are you a person who worries too much about everything? If so, this could be draining your energy and preventing you from taking action to correct it. In fact, most people who worry too much never do anything to combat the worry – they just stay in a constant state of stress.

Signs that You Worry Too Much

Here are some signs that you worry too much:

  • You are very emotional and tend to cry over nothing serious;
  • You catch yourself expressing your worries and neurosis constantly to those around you;
  • Your eating or sleeping habits are irregular;
  • You obsess – you check your phone too often, replay things in your head or cannot stop talking about the exact same thing; and
  • You’re not having fun – if you’re not having fun in life, this is a key sign that you are worrying way too much.

How to Combat Worry

If you are a chronic worrier, it is time to combat it. Start by making a list of your worries, and then understanding that many things on your list are probably not that bad. Propose the worst possible situation – how bad is it? Next, try to make yourself a little more uncomfortable by embracing one of your worries. For example, if you panic about being late all of the time, try showing up late somewhere – how does it make you feel?

Stop Worrying So Much.


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