Are You Acting with Intent?  

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Where do you display intent in your decisions?

Where do you display intent in your decisions?

Life becomes routine. You wake up in the morning, get dressed, head to work. You work your day, get through the grind, come home, eat, perhaps spend time with your family or watch some television, and go to bed. Before you know it, a week has flown by, then a month, then a decade.

The problem with the situation above is that it lacks intent or purpose. When you fail to act with intent, you fail to act with meaning.

How to Act with Intent

To act with intent does not mean that you have change every aspect of your life; rather, it means that you should reevaluate the things that you do. Determine what things you are doing out of habit or routine and which things that you are doing because they make you feel good. Consider things that you would like to add to your life that would give it purpose.

Consider this small example: Every morning, a woman wakes up to the sound of her alarm, slowly peels herself from the bed, and begrudgingly puts on her sneakers to get in her morning jog before work. She dreads this time of the day.

Now consider this instead: Every morning, a woman greets the day with a smile, looking forward to her time spent in nature where she will give gratitude for the earth and her physical and mental ability to enjoy it.

Which one sounds more pleasant? In the second example, the woman is acting with intent and purpose; she is going outside because it brings her a very specific joy.

Are You Lacking Intent? Find Some Today.


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