Are You Ashamed of How Unproductive You Feel at the End of the Day?

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shame and productivity

Do you feel ashamed of your lack of productivity?

It is common to feel shame when you do not meet an expectation that you have set for yourself, or fail to do something that you know you are capable of. Feeling ashamed is common amongst perfectionists, especially those who do not operate at a level of productivity that they want to.

Assess the Situation

The first thing to do if you are feeling ashamed of your lack of productivity is to assess the situation. Ask yourself these two questions:

  • Was your level of productivity really less than you were capable of, or did you give it your all?
  • Are your feelings of shame founded in your own expectations, or some else’s expectations for you?

Adjust As Necessary 

If your feelings are based in someone else’s expectations, refocus your energy and purpose by asking what YOU want for yourself and for your level of productivity, not what someone else wants for you. Are you meeting your own expectation? If not, figure out ways to increase your productivity – taking action about a situation you are unhappy with is always the best thing to do. Are there areas where you are wasting time? Could you wake up earlier? How can you streamline your energy?

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