Change Doesn’t Have to Be Hard to Implement

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The easiest is to leap into your highest intuition and embrace the unknown.

The easiest is to leap into your highest intuition and embrace the unknown.

We love to make a big deal of change and how important it is but one thing that is fact is no one really likes change.

The personal transformation and change industry makes it appear that it’s easy and everyone loves it. There are books and ideas such as:

Awaken the giant within

You are a badass how to start living your greatness


When it comes to self help transformation, we’re excited and ready and can dive deep and go wide.

Transformation and change in an organization is often felt to be h-a-r-d (in a company, movement and even the individual)  but it doesn’t have to be. The idea of change is actually the hard part because it assumes that there are parts we’ll have to do that we don’t like.

We’ll have to learn something new and we love our ingrained ways, regardless if they are more taxing and stress inducing. Then, it will take all-that-time to get used to it, not to mention learn it.

When you’re encased in an old habit or pattern and are just stuck with the loving of it, you won’t want any change, let alone a small one.

That’s why in transformation there is usually an epic fail, health issue, relationship break or breakup, spiritual crisis or even a financial upheaval which all require change.

This is the hardest way to make a change.

Your intuitional-self is actually seeking change and giving you hints all the time but your personality-self is in resistance.

Try this for an exercise:

  • Take a new route to the store every time you go, even if it means the long or out of your way route.
  • Drive home a new way from school or work differently every day.
  • Go into a new store, salon etc once a week (we do this on the web and why not in our own daily existence?)

Now…report back about how things have shifted, changed or even improved in your life after a week or so.

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