How To Introduce Effective Change In Your Organization


Most people resist it.

But it is necessary for growth.

Show the benefits and value of change.

Be the change you want to see in your organization.

Leaders face a daunting challenge when trying to persuade a new behavior in their organizations.

People are generally resistant to change when they are not convinced that the new methods are effective. But, often the resistance is mostly passive.

Behavior change is difficult and a lack of follow-through is due to a number of reasons. Two simple ways to address these reasons are:

1. Tell Your Team WHY Change Is Required

The most common reason for resistance poor or complete lack of explanations for the change.

When people fail to understand the reasons for change, they are more likely to fail in implementing the required changes.

An initial burst of effort to please the boss is soon replaced by old habits as the focus on implementing change fades away.

When your teams see the value of your proposition, they are less likely to just tick the boxes and instead work consciously towards the new goals.

2. Let Employees EXPERIENCE The Change Themselves

Another way around the hidden resentment towards change is to get your employees to experience the benefits gained by implementing the new behaviors.

Senior leadership simply telling their managers to introduce change management has limited effect.

A more robust approach is through guided mastery.

Direct experience builds confidence and self-efficiency.

A tennis coach shows a novice how to increase speed while maintaining accuracy on a forehand and then leaves the student alone to practice what has just been shown to him or her.

In the same way, the most effective way to introduce changes in any behavior is through individual coaching and practice.

When someone experiences the benefits of the change firsthand, your work is almost done.

To build an organization that thrives on change and creativity, you need to first instill confidence in a few key players, one person at a time.

These individuals can then, in turn, become innovation coaches to their teams, ensuring that the change you seek seeps into every department of your company.

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