How to Learn to Value Yourself More  

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How much do you value yourself?

How much do you value yourself?

Valuing yourself is the core of success; if you do not value yourself, who else will? If you don’t already have a developed and strong sense of self-worth, here are some ways that you can value yourself more:

Turn Away from Social Media

In today’s world, there is a tendency to value oneself based on social media. Do not rely on social media to define your self-worth. Instead, find ways in which you contribute to the society you live or enhance the lives of those around you, outside of the online world.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Your self-value may diminish if you are continually comparing yourself to others. Sure, you haven’t climbed Everest or gone to the moon but there are surely a number of wonderful things that you HAVE done. Bring the focus back to this.

Do Not Make Self-Worth Conditional

Finally, too often we let our self-worth be conditional on other people. If our boss doesn’t value us or our significant other breaks up with us, we start to believe that we are worth less than we really are. Your value is not conditional.

Learn to Value Yourself More.


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