Learning Your Own Self-Value and Using It to Succeed  

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Success starts with learning your own self-value.

Success starts with learning your own self-value.

Knowing your own self-value is one of the most critical parts of running a successful business, being a successful leader, or being a spouse, parent, or partner. When you don’t know your own self-value, you are carrying around bad energy, and bringing that bad energy into everything that you do and everyone around you.

Analyze Your Self Worth

You can start by grabbing a piece of paper and dividing it into two halves. On one of the halves, write down 10 strengths. On the other half, write down 10 weaknesses. If you cannot think of 10 strengths, think about what other people have said about you – are you a great friend? A good listener? A great speaker?

Take Pride in Your Accomplishments

It is likely that you will never ever reach perfection – no one ever does. Continuing to strive for it is both unrealistic and unhealthy. Instead, focus on the things that you have accomplished, and take pride in them. When you recognize your own self-value, other people will too. Do not expect success to land at your feet when you’re full of self doubt.

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Take Pride in Your Self-Value Starting Now!

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