Mental Blockers that Cost You Money

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There are many, but these (5) five are certainly going to wake you up.

Financially fitness

Avoid rigid habits that causes money to stop flowing.



Do you have the habits of someone who finds a solution or finds the problem first?

Are you habit driven or are you whim driven?

If you’re habit driven you will have a flow of income. This is only true if you are not rigid in your habits. Because rigidity causes money to stop flowing.



Do you tend to loathe detail and just want to create fast and on the fly?

If this is you then you’re missing dollars in the door and they are lying all over the floor behind your trail.



Are you prone to jump to conclusion or are you able to explore deeper meaning when others’ share an opinion that you don’t agree with?

Are you versed in how money works or do you live paycheck to paycheck?

Both of these can give you supposed sense of freedom. When you sense freedom but lack true freedom in how money works you are missing out on the best part of flow of energy, which is money.


Believing everything in a post

The unconscious clicking of a picture or quote without the depth of knowing if you really agree with all of it is a danger. It’s a danger because you are feeding your brain with toxins of incomplete information. That incomplete information can take you down a path of lower vibrational choices.


Not investing … properly

You invest in freemium and don’t truly invest in yourself or you try to tackle something by yourself and take 10 times the amount of time and energy to get it done.

When you invest in yourself it’s a continuous need and one where you will have to keep upping the ante. The reason for this is because once you start on the path you must continue upward in some way or another because the energy, just as the gas in the car runs out eventually, will run out. You can only coast so far until you are heading down the hill backwards.

Access Clarity with Ease


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