Why Other People May Not Respect You as Much as You Think They Do

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How does your anger affect the respect others have for you?

How does your anger affect the respect others have for you?

Regardless of your position – even if you’re the big wig in your office and the most powerful person around – people may not respect you. In fact, power does not earn respect; respect earns power. Here are a few reasons why people may not respect you, and how to fix it:

You Don’t Follow Through

Think hard about this one for a minute: are you someone who makes promises that you do not follow through on? If so, then those around you have learned that your work cannot be trusted. If you make a promise, stick to it.

You’re Bad at Saying Sorry

Even you’re not perfect, and like it or not, there are probably a few times where you should have apologized for something and did not. This sends the message to others that you do not take responsibility for your own behavior, cannot empathize, and believe that you are always right. Say you’re sorry and take ownership for your behavior.

You Have Tantrums

Four-year-olds aren’t the only ones who have tantrums – adults are guilty of them, too. Are you famous for flying off the handle, swearing profusely and having an unpredictable temper? If so, don’t expect too much respect. Learning to control your emotions is key.

Get Follow Through Techniques


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Gain the Respect of Others. 

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