Personality Traits that Will Impair Your Energy and Success

What can you do to improve your energy?
What can you do to improve your energy?

There are certain traits and habits that are not only negative and exhausting, but that will destroy your energy and impair your ability to reach your true potential. If any of the below sound like you, it is high time you took action to correct the behaviors.

Being Passive Aggressive

There is nothing wrong with getting your feelings hurt, disagreeing with a statement or decision, or being frustrated or angry. However, there is something amiss with choosing a route of passive aggressiveness for resolution. You have two choices: you can let the issue go or you can confront the issue head on. Mulling, pouting or taking passive aggressive actions won’t help.

Choosing Not to Forgive

Earlier this month, we published a four-part series about the power of forgiveness and how it is the key to alpha wave production in the brain, unleashing creativity and alleviating stress. Forgiveness can be difficult but it is absolutely essential to your well-being.

Punishing Others

When people don’t meet your expectations, do you punish them for that failure? If so, you are being punitive, a devastating trait that will deplete your energy levels.

Become a More Energized Person.


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